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That's Life (In Pre-production - Great opportunity for Co-Production!)

Genre: Comedy, Musical

Duration: TBD

Director: Atılgan Gümüş

Cast: Atılgan Gümüş, Cenk Bıyık, Orçun Kaptan

Language: Turkish, English

Two classmates from conservatory Cenk and Atılgan's path crosses at the debt collection office, both broke, despite big career achievements and years of success. As the "exit ticket" from their personal hell, they start to work on a musical show called 'Two Turkish Tenors' by funding it with the borrowed money from Cenk's mum and Atılgan's mafia fan. They put on a magnificent show but are devastated when their cheering audience ran away scared after the Coup attempt from the venue. Life play games once more when a jealous ex-classmate Orçun summons them to take revenge to the Cyprus hotel he is working at. Believing his big fame promises, they even end up becoming waiters at the hotel and are kicked out from the hotel at the end, tragicomically.

To get through the night, they sneak in Jennifer Lopez's concert in a nearby venue thanks to a big fan of Atılgan's and the following is a total blur! When they come to their senses, to their surprise, they find themselves in the king suit! What's more shocking is that they are on the news as the heroes of the last night's magazine newswith …???!!!