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Space Force 2911

Genre:  3D RealD Animation

Duration: 90

Director: Michael Sahin Derun

Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

Space Force 2911 is the first 3D animation feature film made in Turkey. The film tells the big adventure that the Turkish space ship TCG Savarona and its crew experienced while on a mission in the year 2911.

The crew of spaceship TCG Savarona, formed by fearless and highly talented science people and led by captain Murat, goes on a mission to collect particles and gauze from a nebula in the 9th sector of the space, priorly unknown to men, leaving the space station Albatros behind. While it seemed and planned to be an easy trip and mission to accomplish, the circumstances and their destiny lead them right into the middle of a war where they will fight for life or death. And the lives of millions on Earth depend on the result of this war, so does the human kind and the solar system! The outcome of this war is in the hands of captain Murat and its crew.