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Russian's Game

Genre: Action, Drama

Duration: 93’

Director: Levent Özdemir

Cast: Fırat Tanış, Levent Özdemir,

Anastasiya Klyueva, Leonid  Kulagin

Language: Turkish and Russian, Subtitled in English

Serhat, a famous Turkish manufacturer, flies to Hong Kong to make commerce with Batikan, whom he has just met of the excessive consumption of alcohol, Serhat shares all of his trading and personal secrets with Batikan during the flight. As soon as they get off the plane, Batikan instantly and my steriously disappears.

After a while, Batikan gives Serhat a call in order to blackmail him and sends him a CD in which he has recorded all hisdirty personal life and bussiness confessions. Serhat gives the blackmail money of 5 million euros to Batikan and get back home only to find hiscrying wife who just learned the bad news! He was all over the TV!  Learning also that a financial police investigation has begun for him, pushed him to the edge. He takes his gun and gets back to the apartment where Batikan is,  rings the bell and cannot believe who’s opening the door. Serhat, then realizes that he is the victim of a huge trap. Batikan summons Anastasia, a businesswoman  with whom he made trade in the past,  from inside the house in order to explain why they wanted to give this damage to Serhat. As Serhat sees Anastasia, he realizes the reason behind and comes face to face  with his ugly past…  The game is unfortunately already over for him!