FILMS   >  But Muzeyyen, That's the Deepest Desire
But Muzeyyen, That's the Deepest Desire

Genre: Drama, Romance

Duration: 104'

Director: Çiğdem Vitrinel

Cast: Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Sezin Akbaşoğulları

Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

Arif, "a writer with no published book" as he describes himself, bumps into Müzeyyen while he is trying to figure out women and love. Arif is sick of women's endless expectations, Müzeyyen seems to want nothing but to give. Arif thinks that women always talk about themselves, Müzeyyen says nothing but encourages him to tell instead. Müzeyyen cuts her own hair, she doesnt want to be a nice woman and she never smiles, flirts or make promises unless she really means. While he is working to finish his novel, Arif wonders around Müzeyyen's passionate and misterous world. At the end of this full of love travel, she will bring him big sorrow and also some of the answers he's been looking for so desperately.