Genre: Drama

Duration: 120'

Director: Mehmet Ada Öztekin

Cast Mehmet Günsur, Bige Önal, Timuçin Esen, Nejat İşler, Hakan Kurtaş

Language: Turkish, subtitled in English

Senol is a schizoid who believes that he is the Lord of Seagulls and who will take all good-hearted people in Istanbul to a hidden country one fine day. Birgul is a slum quarter girl. Because she was forced to marry old and mafia-like Cafer, she tries to commit suicide by jumping to the sea in her wedding dress. The Lord of Seagulls finds Birgul in sea; saves her and decides that she is the helper sent to him from the hidden country. Birgul does not spoil things and somehow gets along as she needs to hide for a while. As Birgul experiences the different and fable-like life of the Lord of Seagulls, she starts to be impressed by him. Birgul's lover proposes to Birgul to incite the Lord of Seagulls to attack to Cafer, because "crazy people" are immune to punishment. Birgül has to give very difficult decision.