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Road to Home 1914

Genre: Historical Drama, War

Duration: 90’

Director: Semir Aslanyürek

Cast: Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Metin Akpınar, Melisa Sözen, Ali Sürmeli, Emre Altuğ

Language: Turkish, subtitled and dubbed in English

During the last days of the Ottoman Empire where they had lost most of the authority over the state, a small village near Antiochia is attacked by a group of bandits killing almost everyone and abducting 7 young surviving girls of ages 12-15.  These girls are sexually assaulted but they manage to escape and take refuge in Mahmut's village.  Learning this, Halit, son of the nearby village's head who was also involved in the raping of the girls, arrives in the village and convinces the head that these girls should not  be protected but killed. 

Led by a series of intrigues, Mahmut is chosen to kill the girls.  To save the girls lives, he leaves the village and his love. After leaving the girls in a sanctuary, he has to stay away and work in a small town. When the war begins he is forced to join the war in order to keep him away from everything he loves. The war is lost.  He finds out all the unjustice done to him and returns home to take revenge.